Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What a way to make a living

With all the festive Bank Holidays over, today is the day when many people across the United Kingdom, myself included, return to their dingy offices to contemplate the depressing winter months ahead.

The PSG squad are back at work too, though I have little sympathy for them as they are in the slightly warmer surrounds of Qatar, doing some winter training ahead of their friendly against AC Milan tomorrow. Must be a hard life being a professional footballer, but I'm sure they'll be thinking of me and others doing battle with the elements this morning. Or not.

Anyway, Carlo Ancelotti oversaw his first training session yesterday after the squad arrived in Doha. "Cap on head and whistle in mouth, the Italian had the air of Guy Roux [about him]," notes the Parisien. Facially I can see a slight resemblance (sorry Carlo!) though if the Italian lasts 44 years at the helm of PSG, as Roux did at Auxerre, I'll eat my hat and any other item of clothing you like.

Menez, Matuidi, and Chantome all sat out training, and one man who definitely wasn't there was DBeck, who despite rumours to the contrary isn't in Doha, and now seems unlikely to become a PSG player.

"It is very likely that David Beckham will remain in the United States and extend his contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy," claims today's L'Equipe, which adds that a prolonged stay in LA would suit Mrs Beckham and the kids.

"He always said that the welfare of his family is his priority when deciding his future at the end of his contract. And let's face it: his wife, his children and himself love living in Los Angeles "

Oh well, never mind. But if he doesn't come, perhaps it will teach the club not to try and do their business in public in future. The raft stories about deals being "nearly done" must've come from somewhere, and it's unlikely that the Beckham camp were impressed by these constant attempts to force the player's hand.


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