Friday, 13 January 2012

Maxwell arrives at PSG as Pato ducks out

Life at PSG these days often feels to me like a Bill Murray film.

No, not Lost in Translation (though I suspect that is relevant to this blog on the occasions when Google Translate lets me down) but Groundhog Day. You probably know the story; Murray plays a weatherman who finds himself living out the same day over and over and over again.

Because ever since QSI took over at the Parc des Princes, the club seems to have made a habit of jumping the gun when it comes to announcing signings. Rafa Benitez was the new coach, but then he wasn't, David Beckham agreed to join several times, but never actually did, and now Alexander Pato has become the latest man not to sign on at the Parc des Princes.

This despite myriad reports yesterday that the deal was all but done, the man known as The Duck issued a statement via the AC Milan website to insist he is staying with the club:

"Milan is my home, I don't want to interrupt my career with the Rossanero after winning my first two trophies," he quacked. "I want to contribute to the writing of Milan's history and the future success of this club."

As has been noted elsewhere, Kaka gave a similar speech before he was flogged to Real Madrid. But in this instance I think it's unlikely Pato will make a volte-face before the end of the January window. PSG are at a difficult stage of the project where they can afford big stars but don't really have anything to offer them except a lot of cash. Perhaps once we qualify for the Champions League (which should happen this year) and Ancelotti has got his feet under the table it will be easier to persuade players like Pato to join.

In the meantime it would be better if all involved with the club learnt to keep their mouths shut rather than rushing off to the media every five minutes, it makes us look like an over-excited group of children. Pato's decision must've come as a bit of a kick in the stones to Leonardo, who earlier on Thursday declared himself "optimistic" that the deal would be completed. The club are now on the hunt for another striker, with the names of Hulk and Leandro Damiao reportedly at the top of Leo's shopping list.

One Brazilian who has arrived is Maxwell, who completed his move from Barcelona yesterday.

"The main motivation to sign here was how much PSG wanted me," the 30-year-old told the club website. "That was very flattering. The club's projects and ambitions for the near future also convinced me to sign for PSG."

Maxwell is set for an immediate debut when PSG face Toulouse at the Parc tomorrow.


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