Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tevez transfer tittle-tattle

I'm requesting my agent arranges a transfer from here to there

With every passing year the hype surrounding the January transfer window seems to get more and more ridiculous.

Twitter is, in my opinion, partly to blame. Now I love Twitter, in fact I struggle to imagine how I used to get through working days before it existed, but sadly it provides a perfect medium for rumours to turn to FACTS.

Yesterday, for example, one journalist, Ian McGarry, suggested Eden Hazard was on the verge of completing a move from Lille to Chelsea. This soon took Twitter by storm despite the lack of reportage from any reliable source. As of this morning, Hazard has yet to appear at Stamford Bridge, though there are 13 long days of the window left so there's still plenty of time. I already feel drained.

You could find a million other examples of non-stories which have popped up this month, and many of them involve want-away Manchester City star Carlos Tevez. Yesterday AFP reported that City had accepted a bid of €29million, rising to €37million from PSG for Tevez. Cue much excitement until the Citizens arrived with a big jug of cold water to pour on the story:

"It's just not true," a City spokesman said. "Manchester City have not received a bid for Carlos Tevez from Paris Saint Germain."

Given PSG's record when it comes to non-transfers, I know who I believe. But of course this morning a raft of new Tevez stories, all of which feature a distinct lack of direct quotes from anyone, have appeared. Apparently Tevez and his people will be in Paris tomorrow to talk terms. If true, I shudder to think what we're going to offer.

Here's what I predict will happen: This will drag on and on until the end of the window, when Tevez will knock us back. AC Milan will re-appear just before the deadline with an offer they can afford, take advantage of City's desperation to get rid, and the player will end up at the San Siro, the outcome he's wanted all along. I'll wait to be proved wrong.


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