Friday, 27 January 2012

Ice-cold Alex arrives as PSG prepare for Brest examination

You probably haven't heard of Ezio, a band from my home town who make good music but inexplicably only seem to be famous in Germany.

Fear not though, they don't sound like David Hasselhoff, and I reckon they could have an in-road into the French market thanks to Paris St Germain's capture of Chelsea centre-back Alex.

One of Ezio's most famous songs is entitled Alex (above), and the refrain would make a perfect terrace chant for our new signing: "Ice cold, ice cold, ice cooooooold, ice cold like Al-ex". I can almost hear the Bolougne Boys singing it as I type this.

Costing around £4million, the Brazilian, who counts Santos and PSV Eindhoven among his former clubs, has arrived to join the long list of centre backs at Carlo Ancelotti's disposal.

"He has a lot of experience because he played in the Dutch and English leagues and also with his national team," said Ancelotti of his new signing. "He is a great professional. I think he will have a good season."

Hurrah and indeed hooray. But aside from the fact it's nice to have another experienced player about the place, this seems to me to be a totally superfluous signing. If there's one area of the team that doesn't need strengthening, it's the centre of defence. With Ancelotti having named Sakho as his captain, this signing can't be good news for Diego Lugano who, as I speculated yesterday, could be off elsewhere.

And with the squad being paper-thin elsewhere, surely the club's time would've been better spent pursuing other targets and giving Sakho and Lugano some time to form a partnership? We only have two strikers, and with Pastore out we'll be short of players for the second tier of the Christmas tree if one half of Nenez (I coined that earlier and am quite pleased with it) gets injured too. This strikes me as a signing of a (relatively) big name just for the sake of it.

Anyway, Alex won't be involved when we play Brest tomorrow. I'll save my lame puns for the match report though you'll probably have noticed that one has sneaked into the headline. In terms of team news, Jallet replaces Chantome, which seems very harsh on CC, and Menez comes in for Pastore. Kick off is at 7pm, allez Paris!


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