Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Maxwell to get a taste of PSG?

The French are, of course, big drinkers of coffee. What better way to eat your croissant than dunked in a giant, steaming, bowl of java?

So it should be no surprise that the Parc de Princes could soon be a Maxwell House (sorry) with the arrival of Barcelona’s left-back Maxwell Scherrer Cabelino Andrade, aka Maxwell.

The fee involved in securing the services of the former Ajax and Inter Milan player, who has turned out 12 times for Barca this season, is unknown, but apparently the transfer could be completed today. Watch this space.

Elsewhere Diego Maradona has taken the title Mr Pot (not the first time Maradona and Pot have been mentioned in the same sentence I’d warrant) and found a kettle to call black.

The kettle in question is PSG sporting director Leonardo, who was the target of this rather amusing rant:

“I don't understand Leonardo,” said El Diego. “I did not understand him when he moved to Inter Milan from AC Milan, and I understand even less what he does today with PSG.

“I wonder if he is a player, coach, agent or oil dealer. I do not understand. This is proof that in football knowing how to lobby pays.”

This is Diego Maradona, manager of United Arab Emirates side Al Wasl, who pay him a reported €3.5million a year. But presumably he’s just there for the "project".

“He's right. Personally, I don't understand,” an enigmatic-sounding Leo said in response. “But I'm happy that the second or third best player of all time behind Pele and Messi is speaking about me and about PSG. It's great.”

Telling Maradona he’s not as good Pele is like red rag to a very stupid bull. This feud could have legs…


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