Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pastore to return for PSG's Montpellier snow-down?

Worryingly this little chap has his own website

PSG were supposed to be playing Dijon in the good ol' Coupe de France tonight, but the match has been called off due to snow and ice.

If you don't live in Europe, said snow and ice descended at the weekend causing, to quote the Daily Mail, widespread CHAOS, DEATH, and PANIC. Where I live, it's also caused an outbreak of people building snow penises, like the one above. Truly we live in a broken society.

Someone whose season has been very much on ice (see what I did there) lately is Javier Pastore, who tore his hamstring playing against Sable-sur-Sarthe earlier this month, and has been on the sidelines ever since. El Flaco was out in Qatar last week receiving some specialist treatment, and given the weather he's come back to probably wishes he'd stayed there.

"I'm a lot better," he told the official PSG website. "It's been getting a lot better over the last week. My hamstring isnt hurting me in my daily training. We'll keep the treatment going so that I can get back on the pitch as quickly as possible.

"The first step is to get the leg back as strong as the other one. I don't know when I'll be back training with the rest of the squad. I'm working as well as possible every day to finish with vthe treatment and I hope to start running again soon. Only then will I be able to start sessions with the whole squad."

Carlo Ancelotti, meanwhile, hopes to have his star player available for the top-of-the-table show-down against Montpellier on November 19.

"He's back in training, he's running, he's working well," said the boss.

"He should able to train with the team, not next week, but the week after. He should be ready for Montpellier."

Hurrah and indeed hooray.


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