Sunday, 12 February 2012

Holiday time

Paris's latest landmark, I'm surprised they got planning permission
On Friday Le Parisien published a helpful stalkers guide to where abouts the PSG players live in Paris.

Personally I think it was just an excuse to re-print the Pastore-is-nearly-as-tall-as-the-Eiffel-Tower photo (above), but it did furnish me with the fact that Leonard lives in the 6eme, the same arrondissement as my in-laws.

I'm off on holiday this week, so will be taking my binoculars with me in the hope of sighting of our illustrious Director of Football. This blog will return in seven days or so, hopefully with covert pictures of Leo putting his milk out*. Or something. Allez Paris!

*This is a joke. PSG Tourist does not advocate stalking the rich and famous, especially when the notoriously baton-happy Gendarme are around


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