Friday, 3 February 2012

A mini Menez and a sulking striker

Reports that the Emilie and Jezza have posing contests at home are unconfirmed
Everyone likes a heart-warming tale on a Friday afternoon, so I'd like to start today's blog by saying congratulations to Jeremy Menez, who is soon to be a father. Jezza and partner, reality TV "star" Emilie Nef Naf, are expecting the pitter-patter of tiny feet later this year.

I've been doing some research into Nef Naf, who won the third series of Secret Story - a sort-of French version of Big Brother - in 2009, and it's fair to say she's an interesting looking creature; I'm predicting that the fruit of their love will be the most pouty baby ever. Amusingly Nef Naf recently opened a hairdressing salon in Paris, and given the state of Jezza's barnet I don't think I'll be booking myself in there any time soon. The pair have only been dating six months, and this early move into parenthood could signal their intentions to become the French Posh and Becks.

Moving swiftly to the other end of the happiness scale, Peguy Luyindula has been ranting again. Poor old Peg has been cast out into the wilderness by PSG this season, to such an extent that he's now taking his employers to court. Today he has opened his heart to So Foot, and unsurprisingly it's not filled with glad tidings towards the club's hierarchy:

"It's as if I did not exist in the eyes of PSG," he moaned. "Those guys, they pissed on me from a great height. They did not stop humiliating me and going behind my back. I read that one day I laughed at Nene who was locked in the toilet after the match against Arles-Avignon . I think that was the height of their idiocy!"

In fairness, if one of my team-mates got locked in a toilet I'd probably have a giggle. The club's grievance with Peg goes back to last season, when they say he refused to come on as sub in a cup match against Montpellier. The striker also has Leo, AK, and Jean-Claude Blanc in his sights, and you can read more here, though it's in French.

As well as all this exciting off-field stuff we've got a match tomorrow, and it's Evian who are the visitors to the Parc-des-Princes for our latest Ligue 1 fixture. The PSG made hard work of their trip to the mountains earlier in the season, having to come from 2-0 down to claim a draw with goals from Pastore and Bodmer. With new-boys Alex and Motta in the squad, and likely to make their debuts, lets hope we can get three points on the board rather than one. Allez Paris.


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