Friday, 10 February 2012

A glimpse of Thiago Motta's text life

OM fans often find conversation difficult, poor souls
You'll have probably noticed that the England job has become available this week, and I wonder whether Antoine Kombouare could be a left-field candidate to replace Fabio Capello?

After all, following his experience this season he's used to working under ridiculous pressure in a job where's he on a hiding to nothing. I have no idea how AK's English is, but language didn't seem to be a concern for Capello and let's face it, anything's got to be better than Harry Redknapp.

Thankfully managerial shenanigans are a thing of the past at PSG, for now anyway. It's been a pretty quiet week at the club as the players prepare for the Nice game on Sunday under a humongous dome designed to keep the poor little petals out of the snow.

An amusing little story has come to light today as Thiago Motta's agent Dario Cavoni revealed the midfielder's move to France went through after Motta sent a text to Massimo Moratti, president of his former club Inter Milan, to ask for a transfer. Those who say there's too much player power in the modern game may have a point.

"The will of Thiago was decisive," said Cavoni. "It's incredible. In thirty-five year career, I have never seen such a desire on the part of a player."

Obviously it all worked out fine in the end, but I hope Thiago was careful when composing his message. If the predictive text feature on his phone is anything like the one on mine, he could easily have ended up requesting a move to PSV Eindhoven by mistake.

Cavoni also claims his client took a wage cut to move to Paris, which is nice.

He said: "His [Motta's] salary at PSG is lower than it was in Italy. And all those who say he pocketed a signing bonus are liars."

So there you go, footballer in not-in-it-for-the-money shock, and if you say otherwise you're a liar.


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