Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Stupid PSG picture of the week: Carlo welcomes new signing Van der Wiel (in a cupboard)

When it comes to announcing new signings, football clubs usually have a limited range of photographs: player holds shirt/scarf, player signs pretend contract, player shakes hands with manager, player sits in stadium and stares wistfully at pitch. They're all staples of the modern game.

For some reason PSG eschewed tradition after completing the signing of right-back Gregory van der Wiel yesterday, instead choosing to publish a shot of the former Ajax man being ushered into what looks like a store-room by Carlo Ancelotti.

I'm not sure whether my favourite bit about the picture is the moribund background, or the fact that Carlo, Greg, and the chap on the left all appear to be looking at something hilarious just off camera; perhaps Ibra is practising his Taekwondo skills on some innocent youth-teamer, or maybe Carletto is simply describing the mountain of cash Van der Wiel will be paid for signing up to the PSG project. If you have any better suggestions, let me know:


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