Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Stupid PSG picture(s) of the week: A mincing Menez and a masked Nene

PSG Tourist has been on sabbatical for the last couple of weeks, so this is the first chance we've had to congratulate Jeremy Menez on the birth of his daughter.

You may remember that earlier this year we exclusively (exclusively in the sense that no-one else in England cared) brought you the news that Jezza and his missus, scary-looking reality TV star Emilie Nefnaf, were expecting, and little Maëlla Menez was born last Thursday. Congrats to the family, no doubt we'll see Maëlla skipping down the wing - and falling over - for PSG ladies in a few years time.

Caring for a new-born child is a tough time in anyone's life, and perhaps it was a lack of sleep that led to Jezza wearing this strange looking tracksuit as he joined up with the French squad yesterday for their match against Italy. And the less said about that pose the better:

Pic: via @GuillaumeL_ on Twitter

Meanwhile, Nene is back in training after sustaining a fractured cheekbone in a match last month. However, he will have to wear this mask for the next few games while the injury heals properly. The Brazilian joins an illustrious list of mask wearers, including Gazza, John Terry and, er, Zorro.

 Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "swashbuckling winger", I'm sure you'll agree.


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