Sunday, 29 July 2012

DC United 1-1 PSG: Welcome to the Ibra show

"Ibra is a really strong player, in my opinion, he is a monster."

The words of Jeremy Menez, speaking about his new team-mate Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Whether Jezza gave that interview before or after he got Ibra'd in training on Saturday is unclear. The Swede, who has previous in the team-mate tackling department, also crunched Nene and Matuidi in what was must have been a competitive training session. I guess they're all his bitches now, perhaps he'll make them walk around holding his pocket ala T-Bag from Prison Break.

Zlatan's ridiculous behaviour has always been and will continue to be tolerated because, as footballers go, he's pretty damn great.

It took him just two and a half minutes in a Paris Saint-Germain shirt to show Les Rouge-et-Bleu fans what he'll hopefully be producing on a regular basis this season. In the third minute of today's friendly with DC United he received a pass from Nene in space on the right. Taking one defender out of the equation with an outrageous drag-back, Ibra made room for a left-footed shot and thumped it beyond the keeper.

DC United later equalised from the penalty spot through Dwayne De Rosario (or, as the commentator referred to him, D-Ro) and 1-1 it finished.

"We're aiming for everything," said the big man afterwards. "We're in the Champions League, we have the two cups in France, so of course a club team has to win everything. We have a top team and we are only missing a winning team."

That may be the case, but the DC United match only served to highlight the remaining weaknesses in the squad. 

Milan Bisevac was the culprit on the penalty, and the Serbian remains our second-choice right-back despite the fact that up until last season he'd played his entire career in the centre. Siaka Tiene shouldn't be anywhere near a team which has aspirations of progressing in the Champions League, but he'll be second choice at left-back. And though Thiago Silva is an obviously impressive addition to our stable of centre-backs, if Sakho makes good on his threat to leave then we'll be left with the ageing legs of Lugano and Camara as cover.

Hopefully it'll all be fine, because our first XI should be a match for anyone. But if a few injuries start to bite then Ancelotti and Leonardo might rue not sacrificing one of their new attacking signings for another defensive option.


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