Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Rumour Mill: Man City striker in Ancelotti's sights

Edin Dzeko would love coffee this good
I've taken PSGT out on the road today, and am penning this latest missive from a cafe.

Unfortunately the nearest French cafe is on the other side of the city, and it's raining, so I've opted for an Italian establishment, Clowns, instead. They do a mean latte (see above), so if you're ever in Cambridge, check them out.

Funnily enough there's a big group of French people on the table opposite, currently discussing the correct way to pronounce un verre de vin in English. Their best effort so far is "a glaz of vine", though given my terrible French I'm really in no position to mock people's accents.

It seems unlikely conversation on the neighbouring table will turn to football, but if it did I suspect Paris St-Germain's supposed interest in Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko would be a hot topic. Maybe.

This latest story emanates from The Times, and sort of makes sense. Dzeko hasn't exactly been in scintillating form since arriving at the Etihad last winter, and is widely expected to get the boot at the end of the season. There won't be many clubs who can afford to take him off City's hands, but PSG could be one of them.

I was a big fan of Dzeko during his time at Wolfsburg, and despite his patchy form for City this season he's managed a none-too-shabby 13 league goals. It was interesting listening to German journalist Raphael Honigstein talking about Dzeko on a recent edition of Guardian Football Weekly. Honigstein's opinion was that to get the best out of the Bosnian striker he needs to feel like he's a key member of the team, and you could certainly see that being the case at the Parc-des-Princes assuming we don't sign another big-name striker.

Speaking of big-name strikers, you'll notice the Luis Suarez link has cropped up again, but I refuse to give that any credence.

Meanwhile, prior to Saturday's match between PSG and Sochaux, Les Lionceaux's Marvin Martin was busy talking up a move to PSG. We've heard this kind of prattling before from France winger Martin, who is certain to leave Sochaux this summer.

"I always dreamed of wearing the jersey of PSG, and not just because I'm from Paris," said Martin, while finding time to pose for a quite frankly brilliant photo.

"This is a team that already plays the title this year, and in future years will grow and become stronger with big names. My goal is to join a big club, in fact, Paris interests me."

Aren't we the lucky ones.

Sadly for Martin, who's form this season has been patchy at best compared to his efforts last term, he goes on to say that there's been no contact from the club, and I'm not sure we really need another tricky little attacking midfielder. But apparently he and Menez are good friends, so expect Jezza to put in a good word for his mate at some point.


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