Friday, 16 March 2012

If anyone can Carlo can as PSG head to, er, Caen

Paris St Germain head for Caen this weekend with the squad looking a bit stretched.

Fans of other Ligue 1 teams are probably snorting into their pastis at the notion that the most expensively assembled squad in the league's history having selection problems, but Carlo Ancelotti's options are somewhat limited.

Nene and Momo Sissoko are suspended (Sissoko will serve a two-game ban for his indescretion last week), while Clement Chantome has joined Bodmer and Maxwell on the injured list. Carletto has hinted a switch to 4-4-2 could be on the cards, with a recall for Super Kev after his last minute heroics against Dijon, and a sojourn on the left-flank for Pastore. 

Meanwhile Ancelotti has been speaking about the possibility of  Inter striker Gianpaolo Pazzini joining PSG in the summer, which according to him is about as likely as the Tour Eiffel being torn down and turned into a block of flats.

"Pazzini? No!" said our leader, as if reprimanding a small dog. "We have Hoarau, and Guillaume has the same characteristics as Pazzini. He does a good job, I have complete confidence in him, we do not need a player with the same characteristics."

A nice pat on the head for big Guillaume there, who has indeed been pretty ace of late. The manager went by pledging to be sensible with the massive war-chest he will undoubtedly be handed in the summer.

"We will be more competitive [next season] but we do not need to change everything," he said. "The group has a good balance."

Indeed, it would be nice to think that after the glut of new arrivals last summer, this year we would see fewer comings and goings. If we make the Champions League we'll need to strengthen, but there's no need to go bidding a trillion squillion Euros for every half-decent Brazilian who becomes available. Hopefully Ancelotti will be able to stand up to the owners - and Leonardo - on the issue of recruitment.


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