Thursday, 29 September 2011

Beckham to PSG? Bullsheee...

A lot of stuff is written about PSG on the internet, and some of it I tend to ignore in the hope/belief that it’s not true.

Thus you won’t have seen any mention of the BBC’s OMG D-Beck could join PSG!!!111!1! from a few weeks back on this blog because I was of the opinion that it was, in the immortal words of The Wire’s Clay Davis, a load of sheeeeeeeeeeeiiit.

But wait, today’s Parisien is positively bulging with Beckham, who is alleged to have spoken to Leo about a move to the capital.

Dubbing Beckham “the Spice Boy” (someone should perhaps tell them he never wore one of those infamous White Armani Suits, or played for Liverpool) the paper quotes a source close to the former England captain who claims he and Leo have had a little tete-a-tete.

“Leonardo wanted to know what David’s intentions are and what he intends to do with his career, they spoke together about PSG,” said the source, though it seems no formal discussions are scheduled.

With Beckham out-of-contract at LA Galaxy this October, I suppose it could happen, but it seems more like a case of two plus two equalling five. And I think it goes without saying that, though I’m not a Beckham hater, it would be a terrible idea to try and shoe-horn a 36-year-old has-been into the magic square.

More immediately, the PSG are in Spain tonight to take on La Liga basement dwellers Athletico Bilbao in their second Europa League group fixture. Under the stewardship of the wonderful Argentinean coach Marcelo Bielsa, the Basque club have made a poor start to the season, with their only victory coming in Europe against Bratislava.

“They are in trouble, but Bilbao is a great team,” said AK. “In the stadium, the atmosphere is very hot.”

With one eye on Sunday’s show-down with Lyon, the coach has left Kevin Gameiro and Jezza Menezza at home, and is likely to bench Javier Pastore and Mr Elastic Matuidi, with Momo Sissoko coming in for a first start.


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