Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Leo from Rio he say maybe

Is there anything more boring than a transfer saga?

Will Samir Nasri got to Man City? Or United? Or will he stay at Arsenal? And by the time he’s made his mind up will anyone apart from Sky Sports News care? At this time of year there are always many more questions than answers, and it makes me want to go to sleep and wake up on the first day of the season.

Perhaps the only thing duller than a prolonged transfer is a prolonged transfer that doesn’t even involve a player, and in that respect Leonardo’s on/off/on/off/zzzzz move to join the PSG hasn’t disappointed so far.

The latest news – such as it is – seems to suggest his bizarre press conference in Milan last week has done the trick and persuaded QSI to give him all the powers he wanted to run the show at the Parc des Princes.

You can’t not like Leonardo. I mean, look at his little pixie face (above). But it’s not nice to see the new owners being so transparently blackmailed so early in their reign. Meanwhile the conundrum of how Leo and Robin Leproux will work together – if at all – remains unsolved, but perhaps all will be revealed when an announcement is made tomorrow. Or the next day. Or next week. Or in 2012.

On the playing front, PSG lost their first friendly 3-2 in Sion on Saturday, with late goals from Siaka Tiene and Clement Chantome making the match look a bit closer than it was.

In fairness Sion start their league season on Saturday, so one would expect them to be leaner and meaner than their Parisien counterparts, who only returned to training a couple of weeks ago

“We're a little bit disappointed because we would have preferred to win,” said Antoine Kombouare afterwards. “But I'm satisfied that we came back the way we did. We never gave up.”


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